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Chris Cleave’s novel “Gold” is about two female bicyclists who compete fiercely during the (Athens), (Beijing) and (London) Olympic seasons. Both Kate and Zoe have ties to the same studly Scotsman, Jack, who is also an Olympic bicyclist. How much pathos can it milk.
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She was also an expert at preparing braised meat in her previous life. Just watch as she, an eight year-old girl, challenges the taste buds of people who lived during ancient times. Again this just makes the mc look really really bad. I mean if he did this like 9months ago like a person with half a brain. His family would be fine.

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But he did nothing even after he stated he should take care of them so they don't do anything to his family. But again he did nothing. Remember this was all easily preventable but he litterally did nothing lol. Also this guy's family is in danger so he walks in then just stands and let's the guy give a big speech and bring out a barrel of poo?

Come on that is ridiculous.

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The translation is awful! They didn't bother to fix the word order. It looks like it was copy and paste from Google Translate. Very hard to read.

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Remember he ignored his family and his enemies so he really shouldn't be surprised lol like how did he not expect this? Oh I should take care of this problem so it doesn't hurt my family.

He then does nothing and his family gets kidnapped Idk this is pretty pathetic the author should be ashamed of this. If this were any old tear-jerker, Mr. Cleave would by this point have enough moving parts in place.

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How much pathos can it milk from nothing more than love, friendship, rivalry, bicycles, gold medals and the life-threatening illness of one adorable little girl? No situation is too nuanced to become an emotional seesaw.

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At the end of his book Mr. Cleave credits the real Olympic medal-winning cyclists of , and , instead of his fictitious ones. He also lets celebrity loom large. Kate is only slightly less famous, so she too is media fodder in her own right.

It has tabloids going wild when Zoe and Kate get matching tattoos of the five-ring Olympic logo. And Mr. Cleave misses no chance to preach about the difference between selfishness and sacrifice, between doing what is expedient and doing what is right. Results demonstrate that two deconvolution algorithms are sensitive to the pre-processing steps of input data.

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