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All that exists of the supposed alien disks are several wide-angle photographs. The disks photographed, firstly, do not match the described "inch disks"; the disks photographed are very large.

Where are the dropa stones todays primary

Secondly, the photos show none of the supposed deep grooves. Finally, absolutely no photos, descriptions, analyses or any other evidence of the actual 'alien script' appear anywhere at all. The Evidence. The disks were supposed to be stored in several museums in China. None of these museums have any traces of these disks, nor can any be found of the ones supposedly sent to USSR for analysis.

The Dropa Tribe. While reported to be a tribe of feeble dwarfs, in actuality the Dropas are nomadic herders who inhabit most of the northern Tibetan Plateau.

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The Ham are also inhabitants of Tibet, and traditionally have supplied Tibet's warriors: many of the 13th Dalai Lama's bodyguards during his escape from the Chinese invasion were Ham Tibetans. The word "Dropa", according to Chrieghton, describes the pastoral residents of Tibetan highlands, and can be roughly translated as "solitude" or "isolated". Furthermore, Chreighton described the Dropa as not resembling "troglodytes", or as stunted; on the contrary, they tend to be rather large and sturdy, befitting their occupation as herders. Richie, I was watching "Cattle Mutilations" that was shown the History Channel last night.

Does anyone know when this picture was taken? I believe this was seen in Alabama, but does anyone know more details on this? This is so wierd. I was just thinking of the dropa stones not but two minutes ago, had no idea why came on here to see your map Bella. Its very very close to my vinicity at the present time I've read about the dropa stones online and from "Chariots Of the Gods.

I was confused with the Newspaper article pic I posted previously.. Looks like "Gadsden Times" is from out of Alabama then? You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! In fact, upon closer inspection, it definitely shouldn't be there. Throughout recorded history, diggers — both amateur and professional — have been finding objects that appear to be modern or made of advanced materials, but are located in old rock or other places where they shouldn't, or couldn't, be.

Such objects have become known as out of place artifacts, or "OOPArts" for short. An OOPArt, by definition, is one that contradicts our existing understanding of history. Some take this to its apparently logical next step, and believe that OOPArts prove history wrong. In this episode we're going to take a quick look at some of the most famous OOPArts and see what's known about each, and hopefully see if we have enough information to conclude that known history must be wrong.

Ica stones

A lot of objects that show up on published lists consist of artworks — sculptures or carvings — that make ambiguous depictions, which some interpret as being out of place. One example is a pictograph from Egypt that some say shows an electric lamp. We're not going to include these today because they're most likely misinterpretations. Instead we want hard, physical proof of items that couldn't and shouldn't exist, but do. Two of the best known have already been covered in previous Skeptoid episodes. The Baigong Pipes , featured in episode , were said to be a network of metal pipes buried in native rock said to be , years old. Some believed they proved the existence of an ancient culture of aliens; others actually studied the pipes and found that they not only weren't very pipe-like, they were simply petrified wood and bamboo that had washed into a basin and later solidified. Not all turn out to be misidentifications.

The Antikythera Mechanism , featured in episode , was a Greek clockwork mechanism found in a shipwreck, and it did indeed represent knowledge that was about a thousand years off from our previous understanding. The find turned out to be really important, and we changed our models of ancient technology as a result.

Since it was found, other artifacts have continued to fill in the gaps. This is the model we hope to see for all candidate OOPArts. No misidentification; nothing open to interpretation; just solid physical evidence that changes our understanding. So let's see if any of the other famous examples fit the bill. In , three people were out collecting geodes and other interesting rocks for the rock and gem shop they operated in Olancha, CA, little more than a truck stop in the Owens Valley west of Death Valley. When they put their specimens under the diamond blade saw to cut them open, one of them jammed the blade.

It had a piece of metal in the center. It became known as the Coso Artifact, named for the Coso Range of mountains in which it was found. Spark plug collectors all agree that the object inside the rock, as depicted in the one existing X-ray, is a s Champion spark plug. Rocks take a very long time to form, certainly a lot longer than 40 years; so the Coso Artifact has become an icon of OOPArts, and is popularly believed to constitute an insoluble problem.

Dropa stones

Unfortunately, the real secret of the Coso Artifact is that we don't really know anything about it. It's been long lost; nobody can find any of its original discoverers; and no proper analysis of it was ever done while it existed. Only one named person ever actually examined it, a Young Earth Creationist named Ron Calais who took the X-ray and a few pictures. Nobody ever properly characterized the material in which it was encased, but the discoverers described it as "hardened clay" and when they cut it, they found it had a hardness of only 3 on the Mohs scale.

Also found embedded in its surface were some fossilized shells, pebbles, a nail, and a washer. So unfortunately, the Coso Artifact turns out to be a complete non-mystery. Some corroded old debris from local mines had been accreted within some hardened sediment; as far as we know, since there's nothing to test. Really, not even remarkable enough to bother searching for. Update: The Coso Artifact has since been found and examined! Spoiler, still just a corroded spark plug.

Still appearing on virtually every list of OOPArts are the Dropa stones, a collection of stone discs found in a cave in China in Each is said to be like a phonograph record, with a microscopic spiral groove that's actually a book written in tiny hieroglyphics. The story goes that in some sources say , Chinese professor of archaeology Chi Pu Tei was on an expedition and found 1. Many were in awe of the structure and overall appearance of the caves.

There were quite a few graves contained in the cave. They could tell whoever created the graves, did it with care as they were perfectly aligned. The students noticed that the skulls in each grave were relatively large. That was not the case, though. All of the graves uncovered this common characteristic. In addition to the unusual head structure, the team noticed that the bodies were all very small in length.

Furthermore, the arm bones and the bones of the legs of the remains appeared to be exceptionally thin. It was at that time that the students developed a theory that these could be the remains of a special type of race of humans. One of the students noticed a relatively large circular stone. As more students got in on the search, many more of the circular stones were discovered. It has been reported that the first disk that was discovered had a diameter of nine inches and nearly an inch in thickness.

Upon further inspection, a type of spiral etching was found on the surface of the disk. The etching was identified as hieroglyphics, a special type of communication. Unfortunately, a revelation would not be made until over two decades later. Tsum Um Nui. He knew the history of the disks and had always been intrigued by them. As a result of his curiosity, he set out to discover what they said.

It was a challenging task as the language contained on the disks was unknown and the letters were microscopic in nature. In addition to this, they spiraled around the disks in a unique fashion. The Amazing Translation Dr. A story was told of a special space probe from another planet in the universe. This probe experienced complications and then crashed into the Himalayan Mountains in the BayanKara-Ula region. However, the Han Tribe had no idea if they meant harm or they were peaceful. However, after some time, they came to realize that the Dropa were a peaceful tribe and intended no harm.

The issue was that they were unable to repair the damages to their ship and were unable to return to their home planet. The tribe was relatively small in nature. The average heights of the tribes are between three and a half to four and a half feet tall. Their bodies weigh up to about sixty pounds. Could it be that the tribes that are in the mountain today are the ones that the Dropa Stones speak of?

What do you think? Are they Real? Or a Hoax? Non humans that control humans until they're found out about and then Join my Patreon page here Here you will find all the infromation Cruisin' 2. Today, Warren's back with a new discovery. Whats up NASA? They were found in the himalayan mountains of them