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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Todd A. Fonseca grew up in the northern Indiana city of The Time Cavern (Adventure #1) (Aaron and Jake Time Travel Adventures). The Time Cavern (Adventure #1) (Aaron and Jake Time Travel.
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Ophelia's husband, Will, has been disappearing and reappearing at random. Several years ago, he participated in a physics experiment gone wrong, resulting in his constantly traveling to the past against his will.

The Time Cavern

After learning that his actions in the past can affect the future, he realizes that he may be able to fix his problem by convincing his younger self to opt out of the experiment. In the 24th century, humans have created a way to make perfect citizens. Through History Camps, full-sized cities that simulate bygone eras, teenagers are subjected to the hardships faced by their ancestors in an effort to teach them not to repeat the mistakes of the past.

Three teens refuse to learn and instead cause trouble in the History Camps. When the trio is kidnapped and left in Verona, Italy, they have to learn how to survive until rescue arrives. Freddy is a girl who just wants to breeze through high school without attracting too much attention to herself. When two odd individuals, Cuerva Lachance and Josiah, move into the house on Grosvenor Street, strange things start happening around her. After being followed around by Josiah, Freddy goes on adventures with him through the ages, gradually learning more about the true nature of her companion and why he and Cuerva are oddly drawn to her.

Star hockey player and high school senior Lucas is preparing to join the Marines after he graduates. He falls in love with Juliet, a model student who's bound for college. Their relationship takes a strange turn when Lucas admits that he can see into their future, claiming that he's already lived it and knows everything that will happen between them, including events that threaten to drive them apart.

Will they stay together despite their seemingly doomed future?

When ten-year-old Aaron moves to a rural community, a farm girl named Jake tells him that his family's new house is haunted by an Amish boy who disappeared under mysterious circumstances around a hundred years ago. One night, Aaron hears the wind call his name, prompting him and Jake to investigate the case of the missing Amish boy, stumbling upon a peculiar tree that acts as a time machine along the way.

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